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Rafał Kołacki - Ninkyo Dantai

Zoharum 2014

Innercity Ensemble - II

Instant Classic 2014

Kapital - No New Age

Bocian/Sangoplasmo 2014

HATI - Wild Temple

Monotype 2013

X-Navi:ET - Dead City Voice

Zoharum 2013


Zoharum 2013

HATI / Z'EV - collusion

ELECTRIC URANUS/ X-naVI:et - Voices of the Cosmos II

PRSZR - Equilirium

HATI - zero coma zero | recycled magic emissions

X-NAVI:ET - Aqualuna

X-NAVI:ET - Soundtracks for the Dying Moments

HATI - Enter The Dragon

Innercity Ensemble - Katahdin
Wet Music 2012

HATI / Z'EV - Heart of A Wolf

HATI, PAS - P.H.A.S.T.I.: "The Stages of Sleep. A Metaphor for Torun
(PAS 2011)

(Eter 2011)
(Okultura 2010)

Rafał Kołacki, Various - Tonopolis
(Noisen 2010)

(Eter 2010)

(Eter 2009)

HATI - Die Mechanik, Die!
(Beast of Prey 2008)

Molok Mun - Tribute to Henryk Neumann Action. Live at Piwnica Pod Aniołem
(Eter 2008)

HATI / LAL - The Journey Like Never Before...
(Requiem 2008)

23 IX: Prehistory of HATI: Vol. 2
(Eter 2007)

Works for Scrap Metal
(Eter 2007)

Recycled Magick Drones
(Drone Rec. 2007)

Recycled Magick Soundsystem: live
(Eter 2006)

Mantra-I: Prehistory of HATI: Vol. 1
(Eter 2006)

Hati vs. Z'EV - #1
(Ars Benevola Mater 2005)

(Nefryt 2005)

(Malachit 2006)

Music For Metal Idiophones
(Eter 2003)

Genius Loci
(Eter 2003)

HATI @ Equinox Festival, London, 2009 (photo by Simon Collins) HATI – the group was founded in 2001 by Rafał Iwański and Darek Wojta¶, strongly fascinated in sound of ethnic and found acoustic instruments and forms a link between a personal interest in modern improvised and acoustic music with ritual and meditation. Since 2003 HATI have performed several hundred times in Poland, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Great Britain, France and Denmark. They played on festivals like Linien Festival and Laut und Luise Festival (Gottingen, 2010), Fano Free Folk Festival (2010), Equinox Festival (London, 2009), But Film Festival (Breda, 2009), Bleisound Festival (Monachium, 2009), Wrocław Industrial Festival (2005 & 2007), Audio Art (Kraków, 2006) and many others. HATI has performed live and recorded with (among others): Z'EV (+ full length album for Italian label Ars Benevola Mater), PAS (full length album recorded "live in studio" in Toruń signed P.H.A.S.T.I. – published in PAS Records in USA, digital version on:, John Zorn, Peter Votava/PURE (+ studio), Steve Buchanan & Heike Fiedler (studio), Robert Curgenven, WEREJU, Sławomir Ciesielski (full length album will be published in 2011/2012), Raymond Salvatore Harmon (video). HATI's albums were published in Ars Benevola Mater ("HATI vs. Z'EV #1?, 2006), Drone Records ("Recycled Magick Drones", 2007), Beast Of Prey ("Die Mechanik, Die!", 2008), Eter ("Works for Scrap Metal", 2007 & KA, 2009), Nefryt ("Zero Coma Zero", 2005 and "Recycled Magick Emissions", 2006) and Requiem Records (HATI vs. LAL "The Journey Like Never HATI & Raymond Salvatore Harmon (video) @ Depresja Festival, 2008 (photo by Miedziana)Before...", 2008). Nowadays HATI performs as a duo: Rafał Iwański and Rafał Kołacki (since 2006), ocasionally with other sound artists (Darek Brzostek – 2008-2010, Sławomir Ciesielski - 2010). HATI offer the presentations of the instruments from their vast collection and workshops as well. More about HATI:

Rafał Iwański and Rafał Kołacki of HATI are also curators of CoCArt Music Festival organized in Toruń, Poland in cooperation with the Centre of Contemporary Art. The main idea of this international festival is presentation of new trends in contemporary music and visual art. The festival aims at presenting and promoting a wide range of avant-garde music, both electronic and improvised.

Rafal Iwanski a.k.a. X-NAVI:ET (photo by Agnieszka Zwara)Rafał Iwański a.k.a. X-NAVI:ET is a percussionist, wind-instrument player and electronic sound artist. Performing as X-NAVI:ET, he presents electroacoustic-space-drone-music, a unique combination of analog electronic sound generators and filter machines with acoustic instruments and field/found recordings. R. Iwański started to play the guitar in 1990 and played in psychedelic rock and postindustrial experimental musical projects, based on various kinds of electronic and acoustic instruments (e.g. "Mantra-I: Prehistory of HATI: Vol. 1?, tape published in 1997, re-released in 2006 on cd). Iwański, a.k.a. X-NAVI:ET, has performed numerous times in Poland and Germany, solo and with other artists. He collaborated live with Jeff Gburek (+ album "SLOPE/THE EXPERIENCE OF LOSING CONTROL"), Djalma Primordial Science (with Ana Kavalis – J. Gburek's dance-theatre-musical project), Joke Lanz/SUDDEN INFANT, IDIOSYNCRASIA (Phill Maggi, Yannick Franck), Xavier Bayle (video), Jacek Zieliński (video). Two new releases signed by Rafał Iwański are published in 2011: 12? vinyl X-NAVI:ET "Soundtracks for the Dying Moments" (label: Instant Classic) and split cd with Infamis: X-NAVI:ET & ELECTRIC URANUS "Voices of the Cosmos".
More about Rafał Iwański a.k.a. X-NAVI:ET: